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10 Best Movies Directed by Cheran


Most recent movie in Cheran’s direction. Movie was released in 2019 with the cast of Empathy Ramaiah, Kavya Suresh, Sukanya, Anupama Kumar and Cheran himself in a lead role. Story about couple face problems when families initially agree, they suddenly change their minds owing to the financial differences between them


Directed by Cheran in 1997, starring Murali, Meena, Vadivelu, Manivanan. The story of a poor potter who finds it difficult to get his sister married  as she was deaf and mute. While he manages to make enough money for dowry, the dad creates other issues along the way. 


This movie was one of the biggest flops in Cheran’s career. Starring Cheran himself as hero along with Padmapriya, Aryan Rajesh and Bindu Madhavi. This movie was too slow for Tamil movie goers liking. 

Thavamai Thavamirundhu

Very good family oriented movie by Cheran with the cast of Cheran himself, Padmapriya, Rajkiran and Saranya Ponvannan in lead roles. Movie was released in 2005. Won National Film Award for Best Film in Family Welfare category.

Maya Kannadi

Cheran plays a young man, who comes from Tiruvannamalai to Chennai with dreams and bright plans about the future. Directed by Cheran in 2007. This movie would have done well if the lead role was played by someone else besides Cheran. 


Biggest hit in Cheran’s career as director as well as an actor. He played the lead role Senthil and gained good feedback from reviewers. Movie was released in 2004 with the cast of Cheran, Gopika, Malika and Kaniha. 

Pandavar Bhoomi

This family movie was directed by Cheran in 2001. Starring Arun Vijay, Rajkiran, Ranjith, Vijayakumar, Vinu Chakravarthy, Shamitha, Chandrasekhar, Kavitha and Manorama. 

Vetri Kodi Kattu

Released in 2000, this movie starred Murali, Parthiban, Manorama, Vadivelu, Malavika, Meena, Ramesh Khanna, Charlee, Anandraj, Vijayakumar and more. Movie with a good message, won the National Film Award as well for Best Film on Other Social Issues. 

Desiya Geetham

Another movie with Cheran – Murali combination. Starring along with Murali are Manivanna, Rambha, Vijayakumar and Anadraj. Story about a chief minister and his family who are kidnapped and taken to a remote village. Movie was released in 1998.

Bharathi Kannamma

Released in 1997, this movie was directed by Cheran. Story about Parthiban, who works for a rich man, and Meena, the daughter of a rich landlord, fall in love. Meena commits suicide by burning herself as she cannot marry Parthiban because of their caste difference. Starring Parthiban, Meena, Vijayakumar, Senthil and Ranjith.

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