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Tamil Movies with Sad Ending – Part 1

1. Visaranai

Vetrimaaran’s another brilliant work is Visaranai. Released in 2015, and starring Attakathi Dhinesh, Ajay Ghosh, Aadukalam Murugadoss, Kishore. The story is about four guys who were tortured by police to confess a crime that they never committed.

2. Sethu

Vikram’s great comeback movie. He was accepted by a hero after this movie was released. With amazing performance, this movie will make any one cry. Released in 1999 and directed by Bala.

3. Veyil

Starring Pasupathy, Bharath, Sriya Reddy, Priyanka, this movie will make you tear from the begging till the end. With brilliant casing (Pasupathy, Bharath, Sriya Reddy, Priyanka), director Vasanthabalan, this movie won number of awards.

4. Mynaa

Story about couple who struggles to get married as the girl’s family against the marriage. She escapes from her family and plan to marry him. However, along the way, they face numerous problems with unexpected climax. Starring Vidharth, Amala Paul, Thambi Ramaiah, directed by Prabhu Solomon in 2010.

5. Moondram Pirai

This evergreen movie was directed by the legendary director Balu Mahendra in 1982. Story about a heroine who lost memories and behaving liek a child. Was taken care by the hero, however the climax was against him. Casting by Kamal Hassan, Sridevi, Silk Smitha.

6. Paruthiveeran

Ameer’s direction, this movie won number of prominent awards back in 2007. Starring Karthi, Priyamani, Saravanan, Ponvannan, this story about village love story and the family against it.

7. Sollamale

This simple story with strong climax for sure will make you cry. Released in 1998, this movie was directed by Sasi and acted by Livingston, Kausalya, Prakash Raj, Vivek.

8. Nandha

Another Bala’s movie in this list. Nandha (played by Suriya) who works as gangster for Rajkiran who will meet his mom and the climax is the usual Bala;s touch that will make you tear.

9. Poove Unakkaga

Starring Vijay, Sangita, Anju Aravind, hero finds out the girl he loves is in love with another guy. He then will help both family to understand and accept the girl’s love. Directed by Vikraman in 1996.

10. Kuruthipunal

This action pack is purely in this list for the climiax. Not a sad movie overall, however the climax will give make anyone tear. Story about two sincere policemen who catch a dreaded terrorist, who threatens to kill his family. However the hero chose duty over his family. Starring Kamal Hassan, Arjun, Gautami, Nassar was released in 1995.

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