Tamil Movies ‘Inspired’ from Hollywood – Part 1

1. Magalir Mattum

Magalir Mattum (1994) was inspired from 9 to 5 movie which was released in 1980. Both movies have similar story that female workers decide to take revenge on sexist boss.

2. Avvai Shanmughi

The hilarious movie from successful combo Kamal and Crazy Mohan was blockbuster hit in 1996. However this movie was inspired from Robin William’s Mrs. Doubtfire (1993).

3. Thenali

Directed by K. S. Ravikumar and released in 2000. Another Kamal Hassan’s movie which was inspired from Hollywood movie What About Bob? which was released in 1991.

4. Deiva Thirumagal

Vikram’s amazing work in this movie was actually inspired by Sean Penn in I Am Sam. After 10 years of I Am Sam released, A. L. Vijay decided to remake this movie with a bit to Indian flavour.

5. Julie Ganapathi

This thriller movie was inspired by Stephen King’s Misery (1990). They gave credit to Stephen King in the movie itself. This is also a come back movie for actress Sarita. 

6. Abhiyum Naanum

Definitely one of the feel good movie in Tamil, Abhiyum Naanum was released in 2008 starring Prakash Raj and Trisha. This movie was inspired from Father of the Bride.

7. Kannamoochi Yenada

Movie about hero trying to convince his soon-to-be father in law to marry his daughter. This comedy movie was inspired from Guess Who.

8. Chaarulatha

National Award winner Priyamani’s horror movie Chaarulatha is about conjoined twins. This is actually inspired from Alone (a Thailand movie). Starring Priyamani, Saranya Ponvanna, skanda Ashok, Senta and more. Movie was released in 2012.

9. Manmadan Ambu

4th movie of Kamal Hassan in this list, was inspired by a very old movie Romance on the High Seas which was released in 1948. However Manmadan Ambu was a flop in Kollywood. 

10. My Dear Marthandan

1990’s Prabhu + Gaundamani’s comedy movie My Dear Marthandan was inspired from 1988’s Coming to America.

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