Tamil Celebrities Who Have Been Arrested in the Past

MR Radha 

MGR in hospital shot by MR Radha

The famous MGR-MR Radha case was in court for the longest period. MR Radha was accused for shooting MGR with a gun and attempted suicide. MR Radha was sentenced to 7 years rigorous imprisonment. Later the sentence was reduced to 5 years after MR Radha appealed in the Supreme court. 

Powerstar Srinivasan

Srinivasan was arrested for a cheating case. Someone from Andhra files a  case against Powerstar for cheating him of Rs.50 lakh claiming that he will help that person to secure a loan. There were many allegations made against Powerstar. 

Mansoor Ali Khan

Mansoor was sentenced 7 years of imprisonment and fine of 10 lakh for a rape case.  Later, he proved that it was a false allegation on him and he demanded a huge sum of money as compensation. 


This upcoming actress back then, who played role in Shankar’s Boys movie was arrested for involving in prostitution. She was accused of running this racket from her apartment in Chennai.


Jai was arrested for driving a car under the influence of alcohol. He was arrested after he had hit a divider and when police arrived he was arrested overnight. He was released on bail later.


The actor was arrested for illegal gambling at his property along with 12 others. Later all 13 of them were released on bail.

Sangeetha Balan

This serial actress was arrested for running a prostitution racket. She had allegedly lured young girls by promising a high-paid job and giving them fake promises to give a chance in TV shows.  She was arrested by police in 2018 along with a guys. Both were sentenced to imprisonment.

V Sekar 

This veteran director and writer was arrested in 2015 for stealing temple idols and selling them in an international black market – estimating Rs80 crore. 

Director Saran

Saran was arrested in connection with a cheque fraud case. Complaint lodged by a printer saying Saran failed to pay Rs50 lakhs for his work, the cheque was bounced back. However Saran granted bail on the same day as the case was foisted against him.


This infamous Tamil actress was arrested for murdering director Selva in 2007. Reason was the director failed to offer a role. She was granted bail however she went missing for 7 years. Later in 2015, she was caught again and sentenced to life imprisonment.

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